Nobody wants to feel anything other than peace and happiness.  There is a long list of things you can incorporate in your lifestyle that will raise your vibration over the course of time, and even immediately.  Getting sunlight, loving yourself, eating a healthy diet, spending time with friends, and being out in nature are just some of the more obvious ways.


There are some things, however, that you can do right now regardless of where you are that will help raise your vibrational state.  In other words, they will help cultivate more peace of mind, more happiness, more clarity, and more overall wellness immediately.  Here are 5 things you can do right away to raise your vibration:


It comes as no surprise that meditation can help us to raise our emotional vibrations. Oddly enough though, many people have a natural desire to stay away from it. The biggest way to overcome any resistance to it is simply to do it! Sit down, close your eyes, and simply be.

Conscious Breathing
Take three conscious breaths right now. No, really. Inhale deeply, hold for a moment, then slowly exhale. Do it again. Breathe in, hold for a moment, now slowly breathe out. We focus so much on redundant thoughts in our head that sometimes we forget what it feels like to consciously breathe. Every time you choose to stop what you are doing, turn your attention away from the compulsive thoughts, and focus on your breathing, you are literally making the choice to cultivate more peace, happiness, stillness, and clarity in your life. So do it often!

Practice Gratitude
Okay, really, how many times have you heard me talk about this? Gratitude is a powerful tool that we can sometimes forget about. Take some time to start that gratitude journal, write down all of the things you are grateful for.

Laugh It Off
We all know that laughter is an amazing and enjoyable way to boost our mood. It can also help us to raise our emotional vibrations too! So watch your favorite comedian or favorite funny movie. Tell a couple jokes to your friends or family. Laugh genuinely and laugh often.

Life Is Short
We have all heard the phrase that life is short. It is. Realizing this can be one of the most humbling things we experience. Think about it. You will never get to relive this moment (at least until time travel is accomplished). Everything around you will pass with time. When you are on your deathbed, looking back at life you might give anything to be back where you are right now to relive this experience or extract something more from it. So live life to the best of your ability. Don’t let the moment become a regret later in life.