This series of blogs has been an adventure! We have covered so many different fields when it comes to different ways to improve your emotional wellness. Understanding how to protect your self-esteem, taking control after a failure, eliminating brooding thoughts, and finding meaning after a loss are all very important things for us to remember and apply in our day to day life. There is one final area I would like to cover in this mini-series: Recovering self-worth after a rejection. So here we go!

Think about a time when you were rejected. It doesn’t have to be in dating either. Do you remember how you felt? Most of us will remember feeling pain. Believe it or not, research has shown that rejection is so painful because it actually registers in our brain like physical pain. Because of this, sometimes we misinterpret the magnitude of the actual emotional pain we feel, which could actually cause further emotional damage. So what are some things we can do to recover from a rejection?

Remind Yourself Of Your Value
When we are rejected, we might instantly turn to those thoughts that aren’t exactly kind about ourselves. “Oh, they could do better than me anyway.” Or “I’m probably not good enough for that promotion anyway.” The biggest problem with these thoughts is that we tend to align our actions with our thoughts. So instead, take a moment to look at what in that field you do well and what you have to offer. Write them down! Now pick one of them and write a paragraph about why you feel this quality is meaningful and valuable to you and why you feel it would be equally meaningful and valuable to another person. Reminding yourself of this can actually give you a boost of self-esteem.

Get Out And Move
I’ve brought it up several times before. Getting out there and doing physical activities like exercising can actually help you to get over the rejection. Aerobic exercises help to trigger the dopamine system as well as help you to elevate serotonin levels to calm yourself. Seriously, give it a try! You’d be amazed how much of a difference a brisk walk can make.

Do You Have An Aphorism?
Develop a short mantra that you can repeat to yourself while in the shower, while driving in your car, or any place or any time you feel invaded by thoughts of him or her.  The first half of the slogan should boost your self-esteem; the second half should state what you really want in the future.  A good aphorism might be:  “I love being myself with a soul mate of my own.”  Moreover, picture yourself walking with someone new. And when you find yourself falling into memories of your sweetheart, dwell on the negative events, not the positive ones. These same steps can also be applied to any other situation where you might have experienced rejection.

So there we have it. These five main fields are some of the biggest ways for you to improve your emotional wellness. Applying new habits can be tough at first, but with a little practice you will be doing these things naturally.