We have all had to handle stressful situations in our lives. Some we have handled well, maneuvering through all of the challenges faced almost without thought. Other times, we might have not handled it nearly as well. Sometimes when we face a tough spot, we have to consciously think about what our next moves will be, while at other times we might be able to move forward almost without thinking. Why is this?

In many instances, we have automatically triggered different coping mechanisms within ourselves. At times, these automatic reactions can be helpful, while at other times they can be detrimental to our own personal progress. Understanding this, let’s take a look at some of the most common posititve coping strategies and mechanisms people use. See which of these you do when you are under stress.

When we use humor as a coping mechanism, we might try to find something amusing about the problem at hand, or even use this as a way for us to “positively reframe” our view of the issue. Many people will often use this when handling small failures or stresses in their lives.

Seeking Support
Some of us will seek support from friends or family as an effective way for us to handle stressful situations. This is perfectly normal and in fact can be extremely helpful in maintaining your emotional health during a stressful situation.

Solve It!
Some of us (myself included) will try to find a way to solve a problem quickly. This is an instrumental coping mechanism that is used to locate the source of the problem and find those solutions we might not initially see. This one is especially useful in work situations.

One, Two, Three, Breathe…..
Engaging in relaxing activities or practicing calming techniques can help to manage stress and improve overall coping skills. It is always a good idea to find time to relax and center yourself.

Get Active
Regular exercise is a great way to handle stress. There are countless ways for you to stay active. Perhaps you do yoga. Or maybe you participate in a team sport. The sky (or the gym) is the limit when it comes to options!