How to be the person you want to be (Part 3)

For the last two blogs, we have talked about ways you can take control of your life and become the person you what to be. In the first one we discussed taking inventory of who you are. In the second one we talked about putting in the work required. For this last one, let’s focus on what could be deemed as the most important one of them all: Promoting Positive Vibes.

We have all experienced being around the extremes on the vibes scale. We have all known our fair share of people who are constantly negative about anything. We have also known those people who are almost too optimistic at all times; you know, those people who when you are having a bad day seem to just irritate you to no end. Sometimes we ourselves have been one of these two types of people.

The reality is that people gravitate towards people who are uplifting. Uplifting people build a group of friends and associates that trust them, want to be with them, want to help, support, and work with them. Since everything you will have in this life will come to you through others, doesn’t it just make sense to be “one of those people” that people want to be around?

So what are some ways that you can use to promote these positive vibes and attitudes in order to help become a better you?

Surround Yourself with “Positivity”
It is well known that the people we often spend the most time around are in many cases a reflection of who we are. As the old saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together”. Take some time to examine the people who are closest to you. Watch carefully throughout the week to see who among your friends you feel most closely represents who you are. These people will often have characteristics you admire, and possibly these traits are ones that you might have learned from them. Notice which of the people around you are truly people you want to be around and who you might be around only for the fun and excitement they temporarily bring you.

After examining these people, take some time to ask yourself, “Does this person encourage positive and healthy habits in me?” or “Does this person lift me up and motivate me?” If the answer is not “yes”, it could indicate that you are sacrificing  a good portion of you life on a path that you don’t want to be on. You may be sacrificing your life goals by keeping them close. This does not mean that you must completely and immediately sever ties and break contact with them, but it could mean that maybe you could spend less time around them and begin to cultivate more uplifting sources.

Magnify Your Own Strengths
Discover your unique abilities and talents and be sure to use them every day. Daily use of a talent or ability will lead to you become more experienced and can lead to great personal growth. When you take the time to work on your own strengths and talents, you are not only giving the world the very best of yourself, but you are also boosting your own self confidence, attracting those who choose to improve, and you will feel more accomplished, leading to feeling generally more peaceful with the world around you.

Now that you are starting to work on your talents, remember that assessing and understanding your weaknesses is also important. In many cases, understanding these weaknesses can help you to understand your strengths even more. Knowing them while working on your talents provides opportunities to turn the weakness to strength. Playing to your strengths enables you to realize your dreams and self-actualize. Think about it: you were given these gifts for a reason. Use them!

Treat Yourself
While you’re on the path to learn about yourself, remember to take some time to be good to yourself. Pushing yourself further and further can be a good thing, and you need to take some personal time to celebrate you and recharge your batteries. You deserve the good the world has for you. As you work towards the better you, relax and celebrate your progress.

Self-care consists of any activities you can engage in that promote mental, physical, or emotional well-being. This will look different for different people. It might include taking a bubble bath, writing in a journal, exercising, meditating, praying, or any other activity you find relaxing. Test out a few activities to see what works best for you and find out which ones relax you the most.