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Dr. Karen is a successful consultant, a coach and mentor to high value providers and a Certified Hypnotherapist. Contact Dr. Perkins when you are ready for a change. She has successfully empowered thousands of individuals to quickly and easily identify and reframe their previously negative self-image and personal programming, eliminate their fear based barriers, set their beliefs to be in alignment with their own life and truth and clear their path to success. Dr. K has also served in many executive positions in public service and in private corporations, as a Board Member in several organizations. She holds both a Doctorate in Business Administration and an MBA in Project Management. She is a Certified Public Manager, a member of the American Academy of Certified Public Managers, Partners in Business, Who’s Who among Professional Women; and holds a variety of honorary memberships to organizations around the world for whom she has spoken.
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Understanding personality types, pt 3 (lion

In the last blog we talked about our Sociable Peacocks, and the benefits that they can bring to our organizations. Today I want to talk about the Director or Lion, and what makes them tick.

The person in your office who likes to take charge and get things done “RIGHT NOW”, is typically your Lion. They tend to be natural managers, leaders, and protectors. In the Personal Preferences Quadrant, Lions show the need more control, and less personal interaction. They are constantly striving to gain more power in their lives. Their core motivation lies in gaining and expressing power.

Lions like to […]

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understanding personality types, pt 2 (peacocks)

In the last blog we mentioned four main personality types drawn from my wife’s book, Emotional Power. They are: Director (Lion), Analyzer (Owl), Sociable (Peacock), and Loyal (Lamb). Here’s a quick synopsis of the types. See if you recognize anyone in your organization that fits these models. For this blog we’ll start with the Peacock/sociable.

You know that person in the office who is always talking to everyone, and seems to be energetic and the life of the party? Well Chances are they are the peacocks of your office. The peacocks like to be in control and they need to interact […]

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Understanding personality types, part 1

Last week my son-in-law got his first job in a management position. He was extremely excited, but also very nervous. One of the first tasks he was given in this position was to evaluate all the employees’ strengths and weaknesses, then to let go the ones who were not up to par. This has had me thinking a lot about personality types and how we respond to things differently based on our specific personality type.

Knowing personality types system can be very helpful in knowing what things motivate an individual, or what distracts them from doing their best on the job. […]

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Hinting doesn’t work

Speak up.  Speak out.

Hinting doesn’t work


I’m driving down the freeway with my husband when I suddenly get a craving for a soft serve ice cream cone.   The ice cream gods smile upon me and in the distance I see golden arches appear.  I look at my husband, who just happens to be driving this day, and say, “Look dear.  There’s a McDonalds.”  My pointing movement for some reason makes him remember that the oil was starting […]

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Is there Hope for Happy let alone Happily Ever After?

Is there Hope for Happy let alone a Happily Ever After?fotolia_94317240

A woman I saw today asked me an interesting question.  She said “you go around the country motivating people, right?”  I chuckled and gave her my stock answer about motivation being an inside job. Then came the interesting part of her question, “don’t you find that life is too hopeless and people are too down to really feel motivated about anything these days?”

Yikes!  Too hopeless? Too down to feel motivated?  Are we?  […]

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Choose to have a grateful heart

What is a grateful heart?

“A Grateful Heart is a loving heart. A heart often becomes grateful because it has experience in being ungrateful.  It has become a grateful heart because it has realized there is much to be grateful for despite life’s trials and difficult times.”   -Ron Barnes

How do we develop and show a loving heart?

Sharing, not giving more than you have, but sharing in what you have, is one way to build a grateful heart.  One of my favorite hymns is […]

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LOOK For and LOVE the GOOD in LIFE

Look for and love the good in life

This does not mean you live a complete Pollyanna life.  It means you acknowledge the challenges, move to change the circumstance and focus on the possible positive outcome of the change.  If there is no possible positive outcome, then you move as quickly as possible to remove yourself from the situation (or people).

Also, you don’t just focus on the challenge and changing the circumstance.   You choose to be consciously aware of all the other circumstances, people, events, etc… around you that are not creating challenges at the moment […]

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How Leaders Can Leverage Their Emotional Power


Leadership business concept with businessman hand on blackboardAs a leader, you set the example, the tone, and the direction for the people you lead either formally or informally.   Whether you realize it or not, your emotions carry tremendous power to impact others and affect performance for better or for worse.

It can be far too easy to get caught up in doing the day to day activities essential to the “bottom line”, and overlook perhaps the most potent access you have to improving the “bottom line” – your ability to leverage your […]

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Does Happily Ever After really exist?

does happily ever after exist little girlThe myths around Happily Ever After are abundant.  They run from it being a Fairy Tale that’s untrue or unobtainable, to things that only happen to others, to the belief that if you find it – it will only last a moment then the Glass Slipper will shatter.

The Truth Behind the Glass Slipper is: The slipper fits, always has, and always will and that glass slipper is unbreakable.  You just have to put the slipper on to see the magic […]

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How To Stay Motivated – Part Two

In our last blog, we discussed some of the ways that we can keep our spirits higher in order to help us stay motivated. Now, let’s talk about motivation’s biggest foe – procrastination. We have all done it before – maybe you are doing it now by reading this article! If that’s the case, let’s look at some of the best ways to defeat procrastination to keep our motivation up!

Eliminate Your Distractions
This seems pretty simple, right? Identify anything that is distracting you and isn’t something you need to achieve your goal and get rid of it. Right now. Go on! […]

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